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Terms Of Use

I really try hard to be unique & somewhat original. That way, I can provide you with one-of-a-kind graphics & resources. All I ask of you in return is to respect that, and credit me (My Site) if you use anything. Below are the VERY simple rules.


1. You MAY NOT, under any circumstances, redistribute any of my graphics or resources, or ANYTHING on my site in their raw form. If I catch you doing that, I will contact you first, and ask you to remove my © graphics, and if I get no response, I am going to have to contact your host and go from there :/

2. You MAY use my resources to make your own graphics, layouts, ect, to redistribute on your site. However, you MUST Credit me (link back to this site). Also, if you do use my resources, please let me know in my c-box because I LOVE to see what people create with my goodies :) It makes me all happy!!

3. You MAY NOT Sell any of my graphics or resources. If you are interested in my resources for commercial use, please Contact Me and we will work something out ;)

4. Do NOT claim any of my works (or tutorials) as your own.

5. DO have fun, and tell all of your friends!!!

♥ Vanessa


Everything on this site was either made by me, or I have 100% rights to use the resources / images. Everything you see on this site is © to me - or - is © to their original owner to which I am using said images under their Terms Of Use. However, this is the internet, & if you happen to see something on this site that I have aqquired via a dishonest source, please Contact Me with your concern, and copyright proof, and I will take care of it ASAP! Also, I have a credits page where I have credited sites that inspire me, or sites to where I have collected some resources.