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Commercial Use Fonts

Purchasing a commercial license will grant you access to use my font(s) that you buy for UNLIMITED commercial purposes, aside from re-selling them as a downloadable font. Once you purchase the license(s) you are free to use that font as many times as you wish.

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♥ Every Day Pricing & Bulk Discounts ♥

A. One font $15.00 USD each.

B. FIVE or MORE fonts $10.00 USD each.

C. TEN or MORE fonts $8.00 USD each.

D. *** BEST VALUE *** ALL OF MY FONTS ( 105 + Currently), PLUS ANY THAT I MAKE IN THE FUTURE.... ONLY $325.00 USD. This would grant you unlimited commercial use to all of my fonts... and future fonts. You would never have to buy another license from me again.

To Purchase a license, please use the DONATE button below. Simply enter the total price, and include the font name(s) you purchased in the message to seller field. The receipt is your license.

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Q. I am interested in just one of your fonts. Which package do I need?
A. Package A. The price would be $15.00 USD

Q. The font I like has more than one family ie (bold, italic, etc).. would I need to buy more than one license???
A. No. You are in luck. If you chose a font, such as Anjelika Rose, that has more than one family included, you only need to buy the license for that one font (package A), and you get to use the bold & italics (etc) versions unlimited as well. :)

Q. I just want 2 fonts. How much is it?
A. $30.00 USD would be your total. You would use package A.

Q. I am interested in 5 of your fonts. Which package do I need?
A. You would purchase package B, and your total would be be $50.00 for unlimited use of those 5 fonts.

Q. Can you explain package D to me? If I buy it now, will I ever be asked to pay more when your price goes up in the future?
A. NO! If you buy package D (all of my fonts, plus any I make in the future), you will never have to pay me another dime. Even when the price of package D goes up. You would have UNLIMITED commercial rights to all of my fonts, forever.

Q. I am using this font for Teachers Pay Teachers... is it free for me?
A. No, it is not free. Since you would be selling the products, and profiting on them. However, I do have a shop on TPT and I run specials occasionaly for teachers :)

Q. I work at a non-profit organization, and we would love to use your font for our logo. Is that free for us?
A. YES!! Any non-profit organizations may use my fonts for free. I would appreciate it if you linked my website somewhere on your website as well if possible :)

Q. I am just starting a business, and want to use your font on my business cards. Is that free?
A. If your business is going to make a profit off of anything, you would need to buy the license. It's only $15.00 for one font. If your business is not selling anything, or is non profit, then of course, it would be free (for personal use).

Q. I run a candy store, and would need to use your fonts on about 100,000 items. Would I need to purchase an extended use license?
A. NO!! The licenses are for UNLIMITED use. I pose no limits on any business, big or small :)

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